Thursday, 26 May 2011

Loving Hands

I've just sent a second box off to Loving Hands filled with baby hats, cardies, blankets, burial gowns, a tiny crib, gloves, teddies and dolls for children with chemo, etc. Made by my mum, myself and two other friends the knitted, sewn, crafted and crocheted items are going to be disbursed to charities helping people in need. No item is turned away, Lou, the group's founder, is said to be able to find a home for anything. For more info see the forum here: If you live in Shetland and want to add to the next box, give me a shout!

Crib, mattresses and blankets for babies who don't make it to have a nice place to lie while Mum and Dad say goodbye.

Toys, lap blanket and clothing

crocheted dress and knitted hats by Mum

Dolls with no hair - but cheery hats, for children who lose their hair through cancer