Thursday, 5 April 2012

More a rant than a ramble!

I'm in Edinburgh on holiday and I have noticed when walking around that more and more small children are becoming second fiddle to technology.
  • Why is it okay to dangle your child in a pushchair over the edge of the pavement while waiting for the traffic to stop? Oh, yes, you're on your phone and didn't notice that big double-decker bus bearing down on you!
  • Your ipad needs attention while you walk along Princes Street? Of course you should let go of your toddler son's hand and leave him to trail after you while you use both hands for your important IT mission. Luckily the small boy did follow his father jumping over the cracks in the pavement and following a pair of shoes because Dad didn't look back.

These are just a couple of examples, there are also wonderful examples of parenting too - of course there are, for example: the mother on the bus spotting numbers with her child while they switched effortlessly between English and Chinese languages. (He called thank you to the driver when he got off too which made me smile).

But when did technology become more important than a child? Why is it so important to keep in touch with your friends or work you lose touch with the person you are with? Children grow up so fast and are surrounded by technology at home, surely while out and about at the very least they deserve some attention, to be kept safe, communicated with and feel important?