Saturday, 31 December 2011

Crafteroo and Pinterest

I've recently joined Pinterest and have been having fun finding and storing projects there, you can find me at: jaydee67 . Some of my fellow craft peeps on Crafteroo have decided to set up a challenge to complete items from their Pinterest boards and I'm joining in. I've set up a board for the challenge and will let you know how I get on here and the logo will appear in any post that relates to the challenge and if you click on it it will take you to the challenge thread on Crafteroo so you can see what everyone else is up to.

This is the nearly finished result of my first project, a cotton baby blanket for a new baby whose mum loves the colour orange:

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas and Crafts

That's Christmas over with. We had a lovely time with everyone home and had just finished our main course when the power went off. The rest of the day was free of electronics and we had a lot of fun playing games and chatting by candlelight. We have a peat stove and a gas cooker so we are set for such times.

I made quite a few presents this Christmas, mum got a patchwork project bag with 2 bead stitch markers; Kirsty and David got homemade Limoncello; Kirsty got a felted crochet hook case, I made the felt at a workshop and later turned it into a case; She also got an item I made for the mystery package challenge on Crafteroo for the new magazine out on the 1st January (with 2 items by me and the kids at work); I made a needle felted brooch and a Nuno felted scarf for one secret Santa, a crocheted scarf for another and a needle felted brooch and a microwave dyed silk scarf for another. Friends at work got a loom knitted hat, a brooch made from a felted Shetland jumper, a fairy made from the same jumper and some wire, a knitted scrappy scarf, some limoncello and a crocheted spiral scarf. As you can see, my love of different crafts shines through here!

The nuno felted silk scarf:

My current make in progress is a crocheted ripple baby blanket. I am making it in Anchor Style 100% splash yellows cotton with orange stripes as the new mum (baby boy was born yesterday) loves orange! Next I'm planning to do a waste paper basket for Kirsty using some of our old clothes - watch this space!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Loving Hands

I've just sent a second box off to Loving Hands filled with baby hats, cardies, blankets, burial gowns, a tiny crib, gloves, teddies and dolls for children with chemo, etc. Made by my mum, myself and two other friends the knitted, sewn, crafted and crocheted items are going to be disbursed to charities helping people in need. No item is turned away, Lou, the group's founder, is said to be able to find a home for anything. For more info see the forum here: If you live in Shetland and want to add to the next box, give me a shout!

Crib, mattresses and blankets for babies who don't make it to have a nice place to lie while Mum and Dad say goodbye.

Toys, lap blanket and clothing

crocheted dress and knitted hats by Mum

Dolls with no hair - but cheery hats, for children who lose their hair through cancer