Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas and Crafts

That's Christmas over with. We had a lovely time with everyone home and had just finished our main course when the power went off. The rest of the day was free of electronics and we had a lot of fun playing games and chatting by candlelight. We have a peat stove and a gas cooker so we are set for such times.

I made quite a few presents this Christmas, mum got a patchwork project bag with 2 bead stitch markers; Kirsty and David got homemade Limoncello; Kirsty got a felted crochet hook case, I made the felt at a workshop and later turned it into a case; She also got an item I made for the mystery package challenge on Crafteroo for the new magazine out on the 1st January (with 2 items by me and the kids at work); I made a needle felted brooch and a Nuno felted scarf for one secret Santa, a crocheted scarf for another and a needle felted brooch and a microwave dyed silk scarf for another. Friends at work got a loom knitted hat, a brooch made from a felted Shetland jumper, a fairy made from the same jumper and some wire, a knitted scrappy scarf, some limoncello and a crocheted spiral scarf. As you can see, my love of different crafts shines through here!

The nuno felted silk scarf:

My current make in progress is a crocheted ripple baby blanket. I am making it in Anchor Style 100% splash yellows cotton with orange stripes as the new mum (baby boy was born yesterday) loves orange! Next I'm planning to do a waste paper basket for Kirsty using some of our old clothes - watch this space!

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