Sunday, 4 January 2009

buying and baking

Been back to Glass Kanvas' ebay shop and bought some ear rings and another pendant. I really love his glass jewellery and bought several pieces as Christmas presents.

Making a microwave 'steam' pudding today and had to come online to find the cooking time. Mine has ginger preserve in it and ginger and golden syrups on the base. Thought you might like to see the recipe as it's a quick and easy pudding that tastes soooo good!

Ingredients (basic sponge)

4oz (100g) butter/marg
4oz (100g) sugar
2 eggs, beaten
4oz (100g) SR Flour
1 tsp baking powder
2-3 tbsp milk (if needed)

Beat all ingredients together and add sufficient milk to dropping consistency. Pour into greased microwavable bowl, cover with cling film or greaseproof paper, leaving small gap for steam to escape, and zap for 3-4 minutes on HIGH (based on 800W) ... leave to stand for a couple of minutes after.


Lots of Variations Possible:

Syrup sponge - place 2 tbsp golden syrup in bottom of bowl before adding pudding mix.

Ginger sponge - add a tsp of ground ginger with flour (nice combined with syrup!) or add chopped ginger to the sponge

Chocolate sponge - replace 1oz/25g of flour with cocoa powder, can also add choc chips

Dried Fruit - add a handful of sultanas/raisins/cranberries/apricots, etc to pudding mix.

Upside down fruit sponge - add slices of pear, apple or pineapple etc (peeled and cored) in bottom of dish before adding pudding mix (mix and match fruits with flavoured sponges, eg chocolate, ginger)

Jam Sponge - place 2 tbsp jam of choice in bottom of bowl before adding pudding mix.

Lemon Sponge - add 2 tbsp lemon juice in place of milk and grated rind of half a lemon to pudding mix.


  1. yum! only a few hours ago i was oogling a lemon sponge pudding in tesco. now i can make my own :D

  2. Quick and easy, and takes a few minutes to cook! ;) Going for a lemon one then?

  3. hello! thank you for following my sock bunnies! I'm not very hungry after visiting your blog - yummy food here! - and love the beanstalk!

  4. 0h dear - that last post was meant to say that I WAS very hungry after visiting your blog!!

    Thrilled you are going to start geocaching!! My boys love it as it really is just a treasure hunt!
    I've still to make my travel bug bunny but he will be off soon!
    perhaps you might like to have my Global Bunny for a while when he is ready for the off - he could go on a cache and send back a pic to show to my Geocache Bunny!
    It's bunny madness here!!!!!