Tuesday, 10 February 2009

EGGS! (and more snow news)

4 eggs, 4 eggs, 4 eggs, 4 eggs! Ok - it helps if you are singing along with the right tune, but for the second day the hens have given me 4 eggs. Today I got 2 green a dark brown one and a white one, yesterday was 1 green, 2 brown and a white, so at least 5 hens are now laying again. Hopefully they will keep going this time coz after moulting they started laying and then changed their minds. The hens are snow-phobic and think if they go outside something bad will happen (well, I'm guessing here!), maybe eggs are their reaction to confinement!

We got a snow half-hour today with school closing a bit early because of the weather. It's supposed to snow again tonight so hopefully tomorrow will give a better result! ;-)


  1. Want to join in the sining JD but don't know the correct tune. Any clues?


  2. Not the tune I had yesterday - that has slipped my mind (no comments please) but you can kill the Birdie song fitting '4 eggs' repeatedly to the tune.

    Blog Challenge - anyone come up with anything better? ;-)