Thursday, 12 March 2009

cakes and baskets

Last night I finished the baking for the Comic Relief cake sale, orange muffins for a child who doesn't like bananas, chocolate, raspberries, cranberries, apple - but likes oranges. Today she said she doesn't like cake! I may force feed her! Also baked were chocolate cookies with red Skittles for 'noses' and summer fruit muffins to go with the fruit cake baked at the weekend.

Tonight I am putting stuff together for a workshop I am doing this weekend. I am attending a coiled basket making workshop, 9-5 on Saturday and Sunday. I have willow soaking thinking I may make basket bases with it, seagrass from school, larch with cones from a friend and part of the course is a garden raid tomorrow night from 5-6. No doubt photos will follow!

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