Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Year -and crafts aplenty!

Well, the blog kinda fell apart towards the end of the year. Must try harder! Crafting for Christmas was what kept me busy at the end of the year, and my internet time has focussed more on Facebook, where I have found some old friends and kept in touch with newer ones.

I did a major effort to make gifts for family this Christmas:
Mum - crocheted shawl
Dad - knitted cabled hat (to match gloves I made for his birthday)
John - knitted rib hat
David - crocheted bath mitt (didn't know what he would wear)
Kirsty - crocheted neck warmer and knitted hat with cable brim
Craig - knitted rib arm warmers and matching hat
Steph (my niece) - knitted eyelash yarn neck warmer (never again!)

Also made for others:
School fundraiser - 6 crocheted neck warmers
Poultry Keeper Secret Santa - 4 knitted mini stockings stuffed with spices
Crafts Forum Secret Santa - crocheted neck warmer
Craft Group Secret Santa - 3 crocheted bath mitts (for younger members) and crocheted string shopping bag
15 x Snowman Soup in a mug for the kids at school

For me:
A crocheted Christmas Tree with glass bead 'lights'

Since Christmas I have made, by request:
Crocheted mittens with a fold back top to let the fingers out for Kirsty to match her Christmas presents
A knitted hat/ balaclava for David
A crocheted neck warmer for my sister, she doesn't like scarves

I am also knitting a lace pattern scarf for myself. My first lace pattern garment, apart from a baby hat, and I'm really pleased with how it is going.

Two websites of note for the yarn crafters out there:
Bargain yarn:
Fantastic pattern selections: (you have to sign up, but it is free - and worth it!)

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