Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Stashbusting for Stashaholics

There should be an AA programme for people who craft with yarn! I don't know any of the fabled people who only buy what yarn they need for a project and have no unused stash in their homes.

I myself have yarn in boxes - lots of boxes (sorted by weight!) and bags and wip's and buy yarn, very often without knowing what I will be doing with it when I get it home!

I have been finding scrap projects lately to use up the little bits of yarn, I have just made a crocheted child's hat and am currently making a knitted scrap scarf. I have also learnt to do a bit of Fair Isle so will be able to use up some of the Shetland yarn I have collected over time - large plastic box full!

Please feel free to join us on our stashbusting challenge. I will be attempting to post the total weight used each month as I stash bust, mostly for charity with the odd gift thrown in. If you don't know where to start, I can give you plenty of ideas of items to make, where to send them - or even send them myself through Loving Hands Shetland.

Scrap hat:

Pattern here: Scrap hat pattern


  1. Thanks for the crochet pattern. I will definitely make this. it seems simple enough for a beginner like me.

    1. It is a rectangle with no shaping so very suitable for a beginner. The rib effect is created by only crocheting into the back loop of the stitches instead of both loops. Let me know how you get on!

  2. My stash is no less than the beginning of 2013, possibly more but that is down to a poorly shoulder limiting my crafting and being given a large bag or 2 from a friend who was down-sizing her own stash. Maybe this year I will be able to use more up.... Love the little hat Julia :0)

  3. Nice work. I used up a load of stash by crocheting a big granny square blanket. really need to sort out my stash it's a mess.