Friday, 21 November 2008

Oh no it isn't!

Oh yes it is! It's freezing, windy and there's white stuff blowing around - it must be Splinters' panto time! There are sons and there are sons - this one is a son to be proud of ... isn't he? (That's mine in the pink tights!) The only male dwarf out of 7 and the only one not dressed in red and yellow. Hmm. lol!

It was a really good show and the kids did their producers proud. It's a hard working group run by a husband and wife voluntarily - and they've been doing it for close to 30 years! I was one of the originals and there are several other families also into the second generation now.

Another show tomorrow then casting for the drama festival on Sunday before we get 7 weeks off the taxi service.

1 comment:

  1. LOL
    how on earth did you get him in those tights!!
    Wouldn't stand a chance with my girls
    looks like a brilliant performance