Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Serves me right!

I'm on a low fat diet (or I get consequences from medication that you don't want to know about) but last night I decided to blow it - I wanted some roasted chick peas. Well I ate them, broke a tooth and suffered the aforementioned consequences. Anyone want the rest of the packet? I phoned the dentist this morning and actually got an appointment this week - Thursday morning. :(

Went to a public meeting tonight about education in Shetland. To say the consultation process is flawed would be an understatement, the questions are really biased. Got to fill in my own questionnaire now, will our small school be considered 'viable' at the end of it? Who knows?

Joined a new craft forum today, which I have on good authority is a nice and friendly. http://www.crafteroo.co.uk/smf/index.php is the url. Somewhere else for me to wile away the time when I should be doing something else! lol!

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  1. H1! I followed you from Crafteroo - so hello to you and your new blog. I'll let you into a secret mines not that old either...... No doubt 'see' you around...