Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Many a mickle ....

... maks a muckle. Or so they say! (Lots of small things make a big thing) Having a slow month stashbusting wise with small amounts of yarn being used here and there. I've sewn together the school blanket for Syria and edged it tonight thinking that would use up some yarn - it did, but only 41g!

All the squares have been knitted by pupils (age 5-12), former pupils, staff or former staff (with one by my mum!). Some are a bit misshapen but all made with a purpose - to keep a refugee child warm by our efforts.

I have also made a blanket square for Niaomh, 7 year old sister of Aoife who I mentioned in my last post. We at Loving Hands are making a comfort blanket for Niaomh who will also have her life disrupted while Aoife is in hospital and deserves some TLC too.
This is the same pattern I used for Aoife's square which was done in purple and lilac, this one is pink and sparkly white. The pattern is here. Well, that took care of another 20g! Many a mickle ...

Stash Busting Progress:
Yarn at start of year: 31,034g
Yarn gained: 450g
Yarn busted: Jan: 1049g, Feb: 1157g, March:  333g     Total: 2539g
Yarn given away: 200g
Yarn in stash: 28,745g


  1. Wonderful blanket! There is something so special about joining squares made by different people. It emanates lots of love ♥

  2. Beautiful! Someone's going to be really pleased with that blanket. :)

  3. Great blanket Julia it's going to be very well received, it's lovely how everyone has worked so hard to create this. I have just found out about Niaomh's blanket will get started on two squares for her. :)

  4. I think the Syrian children will love the fact the blanket was made by other children.

  5. What a beautiful blanket! Thank you so much for all your hard work, the Syrian child that receives this blanket will love it.

    1. It's a drop in the ocean compared to what you do Dianne. Squares and hats are still coming in. I'm aiming to post them at the end of next week before I go on holiday.