Saturday, 9 March 2013

Not to be left out!

These are some quick photos I took this morning of the real chickens in my life! We have a mix of breeds and they lay a range of colours from white through blue to green then brown! (I made the basket from willow grown in Shetland)

Moonlight, one of our original hens (nearly 11 years old), a Shetland hen who used to lay green eggs.

Free range mixed flock with a Crested Cream Legbar in the foreground

Our Exchequor Leghorn who lays white eggs

'Who turned on the light?' Two Auracana hens sharing the nestbox. - green egg layers.

Our cockeral, a bearded and tufted Auracana.

A Shetland hen - green egg layer. The brown hens are Rhode Island Reds and lay brown eggs.

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