Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bubble Blanket

My daughter was asked to make a baby blanket, hat and toy for a friend's sister. So ... here is the blanket I have made. A great stashbuster as it is done with 2 strands of DK and an 8mm hook. The pattern is from Ravelry: bubbles-baby-blanket. This has been made to be the right size for using with a car seat. It is thick and warm and I love the pattern, a one row repeat that gives texture to any yarn.


Stash Busting Progress:
Yarn at start of year: 31,034g
Yarn gained: 1550g
Yarn busted: Jan: 1049g, Feb: 1157g, March:  454g, April: 319g, May: 376g     
Total: 3355g
Yarn given away: 400g
Yarn in stash: 28,829g


  1. The bubble baby blanket is lovely. Hugs Judy

  2. Thanks for that. I have saved it in my Ravelry queue and will definitely make it one day.