Monday, 23 August 2010

Blanket is finished

The baby blanket now has a border, all it's ends sewn in and has been stretched/ blocked. I've never stretched anything other than socks before - and John made me sock boards for them, so I asked around a bit for advice. In Shetland wool haps are usually stretched on hap boards which are wooden frames with nails in them that you attach the shawl to by sewing into each point and then looping the thread around a nail, all the way round. Getting one made the right size seemed to be looking at a lot of work so I used another method a friend had read about. I pinned the damp blanket to a quilt and left it to dry. This work well, but the quilt hung over my pulley allowed the sides to creep in so the blanket squares are now slightly rectangular. Think it's ok though, and it is much flatter, even the border is lying flat now. Hope the mum-to-be likes it!

Now, back to what I was doing before this distracted me! I'm crocheting a lap blanket for me: Chameleon blanket

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  1. That is so lovely ,baby will be snug in that well done .Fairy sparkle .ps thanks for help on craft forum you were the only one x