Saturday, 7 August 2010

Celebratory Week

So far this week our family has celebrated:

  • Exam results - Craig did well in his standard grades and got the results he needed
  • John's niece got an A for her nursing placement (well done Lorraine!)
  • Another of John's nieces passed her driving test and got good exam results (well done Lisa!)
  • A wedding - John's nephew and his beautiful bride got married on 6/8/10 (Congratulations Kevin and Julie)
  • Voe Show success - Craig got Best Fowl and Best Overall Poultry Exhibit trophies for his Pekin bantam cockeral and third for his Pekin hen; I won first, second and third for my recycled baskets; mum got first and second for her crochet; my niece got a first for her photo of some puffins (well done Chloe!)
If I've forgotten anything I apologise - it's been a busy week!

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