Monday, 11 February 2013

Catch them young!

This is Aimee, daughter of a friend and a pupil at the school I work in. Her mum took this photo tonight, she is knitting a square for our blanket square collection for Syrian refugees, she started straight after her homework!  Pupils at school, after being told about the project, have agreed to help knit squares - and some want me to teach them to crochet! (YIKES!)

Three local businesses - Tagon Stores, Voe; Central Garage, Brae and Shetland Fudge, Lerwick as well as Ollaberry School are acting as collection points. I have put posters around the area and the local care centre is going to ask their day care clients to help too. Hopefully there will be a piece in the Shetland Times on Friday too.


  1. I love to hear that young ones are learning!!!

  2. I learnt to knit and crochet at about that age and it has given me joy all my life