Sunday, 10 February 2013

Squares for Syrian refugees

I've started making 8" blanket squares to be made up into blankets for Syrian refugees in Turkey. These people have very little and are living in tents - if they are lucky. Dianne Jones lives in Turkey and is co-coordinating the making of blankets from the squares and also collecting hats, gloves, socks and scarves. Here are a couple of photos taken from her Facebook page  , her blog is here: LILY

No shoes for one boy, just plastic bags!

Imagine giving birth to triplets as a refugee in these conditions!

Love In the Language of Yarn indeed!

My first squares for LILY (205g):

A drop in the ocean of what is needed, but I am encouraging friends and family to join me and the school I work in is going to get involved too.

The address to send squares to is:
LILY C/O Dianne Jones
Turkmen Mahlesi
Ünlü Sokak No 10 D 4

Yarn at start of year: 31,034g
Yarn gained: 450g
Yarn busted: 1769g
Yarn given away: 100g
Yarn in stash: 29,615g


  1. I like their logo: "Love in the language of yarn". Great to be able to help this way.

    1. The initials spell LILY, the name of Dianne's granddaughter who was born 'sleeping'. Dianne started this in her memory.

  2. You have done a good number already Julia, it's going to cost you a fortune sending a whole blanket over there :)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the word of our work. I know postage can be expensive and will put many people off which is why I launched the 3 square appeal asking people for 3 squares to keep the cost of post as low as possible. Thanks again for you lovely squares they are now sewn into a blanket and ready to be sent on friday.

    1. My squares are still here Dianne, but glad to hear that you are making a delivery soon. Keep up the good work and keep the photos coming, you are an inspiration.