Friday, 22 February 2013

Stashbusting - a different stash this time!

I have a shed with a stash of willow in it. I have done several basketry courses over the years and love making them, with willow and recycled/ found materials. Today I have been making cribs from my willow stash for the charity Cuddles who provide them to maternity hospitals for parents to say their goodbyes to the wee angels who don't make it into this world, along with blankets and clothes. Loving Hands members make cribs in a variety of ways, most do knitted, sewn or crocheted ones, sadly they are needed from 6 inches in length to ones that will fit a full term baby.

Crib 1, 28.5cm x 13.5cm:

Crib 2, 39.5cm x 19cm:

Today one of my neighbours dropped off some squares for our appeal - she had been given them by a lady whose step mum made them but towards the end couldn't sew them up but she wanted them to go to a good home, now they are at my house and another black bag full still to come! Someone will be warmer because of this lady, I've started sewing them up tonight. There are 346 of them so far!


  1. Your cribs are beautiful Julia..such a poignant reason for their need.
    Wotalota squares - there'll be lots of warmth generated there!
    Ali x

  2. Those cribs are lovely Julia, you are so clever they are beautifully made, I can see you are going to have a busy weekend with your sewing of squares 346 wow she has been busy. :)

  3. Oh I do like the cribs. They are just so lovely. You certainly have a talent there Julia :)

  4. The cribs are lovely I had to quickly knit one for Lily Iris, I will look at Cuddles and feature them on 'Thoughtful Thurday'on my knitting blog I already feature Loving Hands from time to time. Wow! thats a lot of squares :)