Monday, 14 January 2013

150g down!

Having got a new great-nephew I am making the promised colour-coded car seat blanket. I love this pattern, crocheted on a 5mm hook using this pattern: ... inners.htm. I reduced the number of chains cast on to 85 and soon realised it was going to be too small so decided I would add a border. It is currently about 18 x 21"and has used 150g of Ice Yarns DK baby wool - 40% wool content so should be nice and warm.

If you look on the top shelf in the photo below this yarn is between the 2 boxes on the left.


  1. I just love how the stripes come out with that yarn. The colors are very nice and perfect for a little boy.
    Such a nice gift! and great stash.busting too ;-)

  2. Love it Julia and yes I can just about see it in your stash haha:)

    1. Did you have to look really hard? ;-)

  3. Looks lovely. I'm sure he'll love snuggling it while in the car :)