Sunday, 20 January 2013

192g blanket + 100g given away!

Next raid on the stash was for the friend of my daughter who has just had a baby girl. Pink was the order of the day and Kirsty took 100g to make a hat and asked me to make a blanket in the same yarn. Not sure how that works as a division of labour but my daughter loves her local yarn store - mum's stash! The little bit of yarn left will be knitted into a scrappy scarf I am making.

On the minus side of stash busting I have won yarn in a raffle today! lol!

Stash busting total so far: 342g


  1. It's very pretty Julia you are doing well with your stash busting :)

  2. very pretty! :) What a good idea, this stash busting thing.

  3. Such a lovely baby blanket!!!