Sunday, 27 January 2013

Vote here!

My latest stash buster is a mama bag blanket. As you can see I have three squares to do yet, now do I have 5 of the colour change yarn, like this:

or 5 of the multi-coloured yarn, like this:

Votes please!


  1. OOh looks very colourful Julia - right up my street! I think 5 of the colour change granny sqaures will make it lighter - if thats the way you would like to go...
    I know we are supposed to be busting our stash and not adding to it - but I'm always on the look out for multicoloured the two you are using - what are they?!!
    Ali x

    1. The blanket is heading for Uganda where washing may not happen - or if it does, it won't be as effective as we would like so light is not a way to go particularly. Bright colours are preferred too. The yarns are Magic Baby from Ice Yarns ( even with postage they are cheap and fast to deliver from Turkey)- colour change yarn and Jarol New Arrival - multi-coloured yarn.

  2. Ok Julia I like it both ways but I would go for 5 coloured ones, brighter and more fun :)

  3. Hi there
    Fantastic either way but 5 colour change squares get my vote x