Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Finished Mama Bag Blanket

Here is the finished blanket (346g):

I have learned during this blanket that I can crochet granny squares while reading a book - I knew I could crochet while watching TV, but I really don't need to look at granny squares (and all 9 squares ARE granny squares)! This blanket is for a Mama Bag, given to expectant mothers in Uganda who attend ante-natal classes. The scheme is run by British couple Barbara and Brian Hatton through their charity Greenfields Africa and they are looking for metre square blankets, baby cardigans, jumpers, bootees, hats and good condition babygros and vests.

Yarn at start of year: 31,034g
Yarn gained: 450g
Yarn busted: 1049g
Yarn given away: 100g
Yarn in stash: 30,335g

I've just worked out that if I yarn bust at this rate every month (not going to happen) and buy no more yarn until my stash is done (also not going to happen!) it will only take me 2 1/2 years to have empty boxes upstairs!

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  1. Great progress! and for such a worthy cause